Coaching Policy to Protect You and Me


This is my coaching policy and ethics I follow in my practice as a coach to protect both you, and me.

As a coach, I agree to:

  • Conduct myself at all times in accordance with my professional status as a coach and refrain from doing anything that harms the public’s understanding of coaching as a profession.
  • Respect the client at all times and work with the client’s agenda in coaching sessions.
  • Ensure that the client understands as fully as possible the nature of coaching and how the process works.
  • Accurately identify my own level of coaching competence and expertise to the client and not make false claims about what the client will receive from coaching.
  • Remain aware of the limits of my expertise. If I am not able to provide the support you need, I will be honest and tell you.
  • Disclose to clients on request full details of all my relevant memberships, training, experience and qualifications.
  • Provide service to clients solely in those areas in which I am competent and able to do so.
  • Attend regular professional development activities in the theory and practice of coaching on an annual basis.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality within the coaching relationship, unless as otherwise authorised by the employee or as required by law (e.g. act of fraud, theft, criminal damage, terrorism etc).
  • Ensure client notes and records are kept secure and confidential and that the use of computer records remain within the terms of the Data Protection Act.
  • Seek to avoid conflicts between my own interests and the interests of the client.

What my clients
say about me


Amanda was extremely supportive in the production and delivery of annual training plans taking considerable pains to seek out the best options to deliver to the varied requirements of my team. This was underpinned by a consistently pleasant can-do approach.



Amanda is a very intuitive coach, she was able to identify what my goals were and think outside the box for ways to help me achieve them. Her input in my career path has been hugely positive, in both helping me to identify training to enhance my skills and giving me advice on ways to turn my weaknesses into strengths.



Amanda is a true warm HR Coach. A genuine professional who knows when to interject and when to listen. She balances her interest in developing potential with the complex needs of organisations and businesses today. She cares passionately about offering the right support in the right way and about delivering. I am delighted to recommend her coaching services.



Amanda is great to work with. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to her work. Amanda is passionate about coaching and supporting people to reach their potential. She enables people to take responsibility for the actions they take and use this to help them realise their aspirations for the future. Amanda is a joy to have within any organisation, and I would love to work with her again in the future.



Great experience working with Amanda. She is very informative and has given me a new outlook on life, a great coach and got me thinking outside the box. Little did I realise that I already had all the tools needed to progress. I just had to know how to use them better.