Effecting Coaching to Help Your Business

Business coaching

Our Learning and Development partnership service enables me to work collaboratively with you to get to know your business and identify any areas of staff development that will improve productivity and help to achieve your business goals. We prioritise self-directed learning and, in our experience there are usually many things that a business can do in house to develop its’ workforce in a cost-effective way.

Whilst every corporate client has varying requirements, a typical business partnering assignment could include:

  • Completing skills audits to identify skills gaps (departmental or organisational).
  • Researching the options available to address identified needs and sourcing the most appropriate solutions.
  • Providing an L&D plan that is aligned to your business strategy with appropriate Return on Investment and / or Expectation metrics.
  • Report with recommendations and budget proposals enabling you to decide what and how you prioritise your staff development.

Learning solutions can include one or a blend of the following:

  • One to one coaching for new managers or Performance.
  • Management related issues.
  • Design and delivery of bespoke workshops.
  • Facilitating discussion groups.
  • Action Learning Set Facilitation and Training.
  • One off-project work.
  • In House L&D
  • Business Partner – effectively we become part of your HR team for a predetermined number of days and work with you to achieve specific business goals.

At Darwin coaching we aim to provide highly flexible yet tailored learning solutions to meet your business needs. Because every business has different requirements, we do not advertise a standard rate for our services, preferring to agree requirements with you and charge accordingly. So please contact us with an outline of your requirements and we can provide a quotation. It is also important to note that we are advocates for workplace learning and always aim to maximise the resources you already have in house to achieve greater staff engagement and learning.

What my clients
say about me


Amanda was extremely supportive in the production and delivery of annual training plans taking considerable pains to seek out the best options to deliver to the varied requirements of my team. This was underpinned by a consistently pleasant can-do approach.



Amanda is a very intuitive coach, she was able to identify what my goals were and think outside the box for ways to help me achieve them. Her input in my career path has been hugely positive, in both helping me to identify training to enhance my skills and giving me advice on ways to turn my weaknesses into strengths.



Amanda is great to work with. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to her work. Amanda is passionate about coaching and supporting people to reach their potential. She enables people to take responsibility for the actions they take and use this to help them realise their aspirations for the future. Amanda is a joy to have within any organisation, and I would love to work with her again in the future.



Amanda is a true warm HR Coach. A genuine professional who knows when to interject and when to listen. She balances her interest in developing potential with the complex needs of organisations and businesses today. She cares passionately about offering the right support in the right way and about delivering. I am delighted to recommend her coaching services.



Great experience working with Amanda. She is very informative and has given me a new outlook on life, a great coach and got me thinking outside the box. Little did I realise that I already had all the tools needed to progress. I just had to know how to use them better.