April 6, 2016

Who I Help

how darwin coaching helps people reach their goals

I work with both private and business clients. So whether you are reading this as an individual who feels ready for a change of career but is unsure where to start, or as an employee or employer looking for learning or change management solutions for your team, Darwin Coaching can help. My focus and experience is in supporting people to achieve improved outcomes and satisfaction in their working lives, acknowledging the inevitable over spill between home and work life when they aren’t balanced.

Situations where I can help personal clients include:

  • Looking for a change of career – perhaps you feel ready for a change of career but not sure what or how to get started?
  • Returning to work after time off?
  • Thinking about setting up your own business – I can help you consider all the implications and guide and support through the process.

My business experience is in working with small to medium enterprises with a focus on managing change and developing a learning culture, where staff are engaged with, and take ownership for their personal development.

This approach offers substantial business benefits including:

  • Increased workplace productivity.
  • Cost effective learning and development solutions.
  • More creative thinking and problem solving skills within the workforce.
  • Increased motivation, focus and morale as staff feel valued and appreciate the investment made in them.

I can work with you to develop a learning and development plan that is closely aligned to your business needs, cost effective and practical.

Situations where I can help include:

  • Change management.
  • Workshop & Action Learning Set Facilitation.
  • One to one coaching for new and aspiring managers to support them with their structured development.