Summer breeze

Hello my name is Amanda, my expertise is coaching. Whether that be personal, team or business, I can help you reach your goals. Here’s a little introduction about me and what I do.

I love learning and the best part about my work is being able to share in other peoples’ learning journeys and seeing people do well, both in terms of achieving their goals and making improved business contributions. My specialism is in working collaboratively with individuals, team members, junior and middle managers in all business sectors.

I am recognised for communicating clearly and establishing supportive frameworks that meet client needs. My positive outlook, honest approach and commitment, enable me to quickly build rapport, understand client priorities and deliver or source the most appropriate interventions that demonstrate measurable Return on Investment/Expectation. I am an associate member of the CIPD and regularly undertake continuous professional development activities to develop my skills, knowledge and experience. These include working as a volunteer coach and trainer for a national charity, participating in a local Learning and Development network group and other networking groups and activities.

I am the Founder of Darwin Coaching and would like to welcome you to my website.
I will be back with another Blog soon, but for now will leave you with this inspiring message.

“Coaching is the universal language of CHANGE and LEARNING.”